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The refugee process is long and arduous. Many individuals face discrimination and fear while waiting for their claims to be processed. Often, many individuals struggle to cover the basic necessities of life, including food and shelter.

Through education, guidance and support, IRQR provide individuals making asylum claims, outside of Iran, and during their resettlement process, with a chance for a new life.


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When you support IRQR, you help to ensure the ongoing success of efforts to provide a change at a new life for LGBT individuals.

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IRQR invites you to join an exceptional group of passionate members. Individuals who become members of IRQR can participate in our Annual General Meeting and contribute to the development and success of our programs. To be a member, just make a donation and fill out our membership form, indicating that you want to be member of IRQR.

Join our Monthly Donation Plan

This initiative aims to create a community of friends and supporters who would be willing to provide a monthly donation to help support queer Iranian asylum seekers during part or all of their stay in transit countries before they are assigned to and settled in safe countries.

Methods of Payment

IRQR accepts several methods of payment.


Cheques are payable to:
Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees
P.O.Box 72604 Greenwin Sq. PO
Toronto, ON
M4W 3S9

Bank Wire Information

Beneficiary name: Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees
Account Number: 5007374
Branch (Transit) Number: 12202
Institution Number: 004
Branch Address: TD Canada Trust, Village Centre, 65 Wellesley Street East. Toronto, Ontario, M4Y1G7

Credit Card Payment

The good news is that we have now switched to TD Canada Trust Merchant Services.


You can donate us through PayPal by using DONATION@IRQR.NET email address. Please make sure that you typed the email address correctly.

Email Money Transfer

For individuals in Canada, you can send your donation to IRQR at: Please remember to send the password to the email address.
For US residents, check with your financial institutions to find out about international money transfer options.
Note: There is a charge for using this option. Please contact your financial institution for more information.